2021 Programme

Weds, 24 February: Zoom talk by Robin Pearce on ‘Hostas and Companion Plants’.

Weds, 24 March: Zoom talk by Ian Thwaites on ‘The Life of a Plant and Garden Photographer’.

Weds, April 28 2021: Zoom talk by Stuart Lee on ‘Adventurous Container Gardening’

Weds, May 26 2021: Zoom talk by Alan Williamson on ‘An Allotment Year’ 

Weds, June 23 2021: Zoom talk by Jo Worthy Jones of haven4wildlife on ‘Wildlife Gardening’ 

July’s meeting will be at Little Malvern Court on July 28th. More details to follow

No meeting in August

September meeting: will hopefully be held in a new venue, with actual people present. Updates to follow.